Lourdes 2024: A Light of Hope

You are invited to join us in Lourdes this 15th-20th September 2024

LOURDES for many is a place of encounter, healing and peace. Every pilgrim finds something different and everyone returns home with their own story about their visit to Lourdes.

The grotto is more than just a place where something extraordinary happened; more importantly it is the place where God comes to meet us, heart to heart. Lourdes is a place where we hear a message that we are loved, healed, and forgiven. In coming to Lourdes, we follow in the footsteps of many thousands of pilgrims from all over the world who have come here before us, carrying with them – as we do – their hopes, burdens, and dreams.

Our theme for the 2024 Pilgrimage is "Lourdes: a Light of Hope". Our Lady asked Bernadette to "tell the people to come in procession", and every year, many thousands of pilgrims from all walks of life go to Lourdes and join in the processions, with their candles lighting up the darkness. Lourdes is synonymous with the word "hope" - some 6 million people seek healing, peace, and hope at Our Lady's Shrine each year.

Assisted Pilgrims

Our Assisted Pilgrims are those who require a special level of care and they stay in the Accueil Notre Dame. Designed in the form of open arms the Accueil Notre Dame reminds us that, in Lourdes, everyone is welcome and cared for.

During the pilgrimage the Accueil is staffed by a committed medical team and other volunteers who work together to help our assisted pilgrims to fully take part in all aspects of the pilgrimage.

The Oblates and Lourdes

The Missionary Oblates were the first group to organise pilgrimages to Lourdes from Britain and Ireland and have been organising pilgrimages to Lourdes since 1883. Every year pilgrims join us from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and the Channel Islands.

Read about the very first Oblate pilgrimage to Lourdes here.

Our pilgrimage  program includes:

  • Mass at the Grotto/Grotto tour
  • Torchlight Procession
  • Blessed Sacrament Procession
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Visit to the baths
  • Mass of Anointing of the Sick
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation

As a pilgrimage, we will also have daily Mass, and plenty of opportunity for relaxing, meeting new people and renewing old friendships. There will also be plenty of time to make your own pilgrimage - whether you want to light a candle, spend some quiet time in prayer at the Grotto, or walk in the footsteps of the child Bernadette.

Booking for 2024 is now open; select from the appropriate sections below to find out more: